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ITIL 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management

Qatar | UAE | Saudi Arabia | Jordan

What is ITIL® 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management?

The ITIL 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management module offers comprehensive best practice guidance on establishing and nurturing the critical links between an organization and its stakeholders at both strategic and tactical levels. It focuses on the identification, analysis, monitoring, and continual improvement of relationships with and between stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of effective Relationship Management in achieving organizational objectives and enhancing service delivery.

Who should study ITIL 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management?

This module is designed for IT professionals who are:

- Tasked with managing relationships within an organization and with external parties such as customers, users, partners, and suppliers.

- Seeking to validate their expertise and deepen their understanding of Relationship Management as a strategic and operational practice.

- Interested in maximizing the value of Relationship Management practices to foster cooperation, collaboration, and shared goals among stakeholders.

What are the benefits of studying ITIL 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management?

By participating in this course, you will learn to:

- Establish a standardized approach to managing relationships that can be consistently applied across the organization.

- Ensure the success of relationships within the organization and with external entities by promoting mutual goals, cooperation, continuous learning, open communication, and effective conflict management.

- Identify and manage stakeholders and their interests to align with organizational objectives.

- Use the ITIL Maturity Model to measure, assess, and develop the Relationship Management practice capability within your organization.

What skills will I learn?

Upon completing this module, you will acquire skills in:

- Developing and implementing effective strategies for Relationship Management that support organizational objectives.

- Fostering a culture of no-blame cooperation, collaboration, and continuous learning among internal and external stakeholders.

- Identifying, analyzing, and managing the needs and interests of stakeholders to ensure alignment with service delivery and organizational goals.

- Applying the ITIL Maturity Model to continually improve the practice of Relationship Management within the organization.


An ITIL 4 Foundation certification is required as a prerequisite for enrolling in the Relationship Management module, ensuring participants have a solid foundation in ITIL principles and how they contribute to effective service management practices.


- Format: (Assuming it follows the format of other Practitioner modules)

- Requirement to Pass: (Typically, ITIL Practitioner exams require a certain percentage to pass, often around 65%)

- Duration: (Practitioner exams are generally around 90 minutes, but this could vary)

- Type: Closed book

The ITIL 4 Practitioner: Relationship Management module is crucial for IT professionals committed to enhancing the effectiveness of their organization's relationships with stakeholders, thereby contributing to improved service management and delivery.

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Course Study Options

Self Study

In Person

Live Online

In Person Training Locations

  • Doha, Qatar

  • Lusail, Qatar

  • Riyadh, Saudi

  • NEOM, Saudi

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Manama, Bahrain

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait

  • Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Casablanca, Morocco

  • Muscat, Oman

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