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About Us

Working closely with Government Ministries and prominent corporations across the GCC

and the wider Arab world, we are committed to delivering excellence in training.

Our training is tailored to empower professionals in

financial institutions, business enterprises and government entities..

In addition to our comprehensive training offerings, we also provide best-in-class

Regulatory Technology and Financial Technology solutions. These cutting-edge tools ensure that

your business remains compliant with regulatory standards and effectively meets reporting requirements.


We provide gold-standard, accredited training and certifications,

designed to upskill professionals with skills,

competences and knowledge needed for the digital transformation

and economic diversification across The Arab World.

  Our expertise encompasses a wide range of specialised courses,

including law, compliance and mediation, data privacy and data management,

technology, artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity.

As a prominent industry leader in the region, our distinguished team of industry experts

deliver bespoke training courses catering to individuals, businesses and governments.

Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art training centers, the familiarity of your own office,

or the flexibility of online platforms, we are equipped to deliver our training according to your preferences.

We offer courses in both English and Arabic.

Our Education Partners Include: 

Specialising in Law, Tech & Professional Skills, MENA Executive Training is a Professional Training Academy

with offices in Doha & London, offering In-Person & Online Training Courses

designed to advance knowledge and expertise in The Middle East and North Africa.  

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