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Prof. Dr. Jon Truby LLB L. Dip PhD

MENA Executive Training Director - Dr Jon Truby PhD

Founder & CEO

MENA Executive Training™ is led by Dr. Jon Truby PhD, an acclaimed legal academic,

Fellow at Newcastle University and Lawyer from the UK

who brings with him extensive experience working in innovative legal research

and first-generational legal education in the Middle East.

For the last 10 years Dr. Truby has worked at a high level with numerous Governments and Institutions around the world,

as well as working with world-class Industry and Academic leaders

to further the development of the Middle East. 

Since arriving in the Gulf in 2010, Dr Truby's contributions have included:

  • Securing numerous multi-million dollar research grants

  • Founding & directing the ground-breaking Centre for Law and Development at Qatar University

  • Developing Qatar's first ever Law Masters and PhD Law programmes

  • Running a Continuing Legal Education Programme

  • Delivering the Middle East’s first ever highly acclaimed European Union Jean Monnet Programme to teach EU law

  • Founding a bilingual internationally peer-reviewed law journal

  • Institutionalising Qatar's first law college well as founding a number of major partnerships with leading organisations.  

Dr Truby was invited to present his research to the United Nations General Assembly in New York,

has worked as an advisor to the Prime Minister of Qatar on issues of trade,

has been an advisor to Qatar Attorney General,

worked as Qatar’s representative to UNESCO

as well as acting as an advisor to the Qatar negotiating team at the United Nations Climate Change conference - COP.

Dr Truby's contribution to Higher Education in the Arab world has been widely recognised as fundemental

in helping countless university graduates enter into the legal profession.

About Dr. Jon Truby

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