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Qatar to Teach Cybersecurity in 170 Schools

In a groundbreaking move, Qatar’s National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, is set to implement 'Educational Cybersecurity Curricula' to private schools across Qatar.

This initiative aims to foster a digitally secure society by educating the younger generation on cybersecurity and digital safety.

A Steady Rollout

The rollout of this vital curriculum will commence with 170 private schools in its first phase, followed by an additional 100 in the subsequent phase. This follows the successful introduction of the program in all government schools in 2023, underscoring the NCSA’s commitment to enhancing digital safety across all sectors of education in Qatar.

Building a Secure Digital Generation

The Educational Cybersecurity Curricula in Qatar is designed to empower students from the first grade of primary school to the third grade of secondary school. It equips them with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world securely and effectively. The program not only increases awareness of various cybersecurity concepts but also integrates these into the broader educational content, thereby promoting digital literacy from a young age.

Leadership Insights

Omar Abdulaziz al-Naema, Assistant Undersecretary for Private Education Affairs, highlighted that introducing this curriculum in private schools is a critical step towards broadening students' understanding of digital safety and cybersecurity.

"It plays a direct role in enhancing the educational content with a new focus on digital literacy,"

he noted.

Dalal al-Aqeedi, Director of the National Cyber Excellence Department at the NCSA in Qatar, emphasised the curriculum's alignment with the agency’s overarching goals.

"The agency is keen on enhancing cybersecurity indicators and digital literacy across various societal segments, with a special focus on students,"

she stated.

Complementary Initiatives

In conjunction with the curriculum rollout, the NCSA and the Qatar Ministry of Education will initiate the ‘Cyber Echo’ project, which involves site visits to schools to promote digital literacy further. This project will also offer specialised training for trainers and parents, ensuring a community-wide uplift in digital knowledge.

Previously, a similar project engaged about 80 government schools, and with this new phase, approximately 70 private schools will be included, totalling around 150 educational institutions benefiting from these initiatives.

A Future-Ready Approach

Qatar's commitment to integrating cybersecurity education into schools reflects a forward-thinking approach to preparing its youth for the challenges of the digital age. By fostering a well-informed generation, the country is setting a robust foundation for digital security and literacy that will serve its society for years to come.

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