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A simple password advice to ensure top organizational security

Passwords are still causing problems for cybersecurity experts, even though there are other ways to confirm identity, like fingerprints. People keep using passwords because they're cheap and easy for companies to use.

But, using weak passwords is a big risk.

Almost half of cyber attacks in 2021 happened because someone's password got stolen. Different groups, like governments and big tech companies, give advice on how to make passwords safer, but it's all over the place. Some say use 10 characters, some say 8, and others say 14. Some want special characters, others don't.

This mix of advice is confusing for users. Also, recent research says some old ideas about passwords are wrong. Forcing people to change passwords a lot can make things worse, not better.

One idea from the National Cyber Security Centre is to use three random words for a password, saying it's better than complicated ones. As we approach World Password Day 2024, all this different advice is making things hard for people. It would be better to have a clear and consistent way of confirming identity to stop more cyber attacks.

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