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Data Privacy: Secure your digital footprint.

A recent analysis underscores the concerning reality that personal data of the average UK citizen is held by at least 39 different organizations, providing a vast landscape for potential security breaches. As today marks the International Data Privacy Day, we will look further into the alarming facts of what happens to data we nonchalantly enter into the web. The State of Identity 2020 Analysis brings to light that nearly a quarter of UK residents are unaware of the extent to which their personal information is in the hands of various entities.

The expanding attack surface has led to a significant 67% increase in major data breaches since 2014. Complicating matters, over half (53%) of the UK population uses the same password across multiple accounts. Consequently, a staggering 77% of survey respondents admitted to feeling vulnerable due to the widespread distribution of their data.

With the number of organizations holding personal information projected to rise, an estimated 3.5 million people in the UK accessed digital services for the first time during lockdown, particularly in sectors like banking and shopping.

Recent findings advocate for a fundamental shift in digital identity management. One dare's to question the current practice: "Why do we receive a new digital identity every time we register with a new service provider?

There is an ever-growing need for centralizing people's identities, encrypting them, and granting individuals the power to control which organizations have access to their data. The urgency for such reforms becomes more apparent, especially in light of recent reports revealing the unauthorized access and partial leakage of personal data belonging to approximately 350,000 social media influencers and users. MENA Executive Training offers a plethora of courses to help Individuals, Companies, Governments in the Middle East and North Africa.

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