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ArtificiaI Intelligence and Digital Assistance

This is a two-part blog about Artificial Intelligence and it's impact and influence in Digital Assistance. The impending disruption anticipated from artificial intelligence (AI) often centers around chat interfaces, envisioning a future where ChatGPT becomes ubiquitous across various platforms.

However, while chat interfaces indeed hold significance, the true game-changer lies in Digital Assistants (DAs), which rank second only to SPQA in terms of transformative potential.

But what exactly are Digital Assistants? Picture Siri, but powered by ChatGPT and equipped with access to an extensive array of companies' databases through APIs. While many restaurants may not yet possess full-fledged APIs, this capability is swiftly becoming a reality. Imagine a scenario where, with a simple command, your DA scours local restaurant APIs to locate the perfect meal for you or seamlessly facilitates purchases from Amazon without the need for manual browsing.

The key distinguishing factor that sets DAs apart is their profound understanding of context. Unlike traditional assistants, DAs are poised to possess comprehensive knowledge about individuals, encompassing their life stories, pivotal life events, social circles, aspirations, challenges, and even their daily routines.

This contextual depth, combined with advanced Language Model-based algorithms like GPT-4, unlocks a realm of possibilities.

Consider the potential applications: DAs could anticipate emotional states, prompting proactive interventions during moments of sadness or hunger. They could simulate the role of a romantic partner or act as a therapeutic guide, leveraging their insights into personal histories and preferences to offer tailored support and advice. Additionally, DAs could streamline mundane tasks, from ordering favorite meals to curating personalized playlists, thereby enhancing overall convenience and satisfaction.

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