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Management & Leadership Training 

Specialist Management & Leadership Content Courses

  • Effective Leadership

  • Blockchain for Managers

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • CFO Skills

  • Strategic Management

  • ESG

  • Decision Making

  • Influencing Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Managing Workplace Behaviour

  • Managing Innovation Technologies

  • Risk Management 

  • Management & Business Skills

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Digital Innovation Commercialisation

  • Mediation

  • ESG
  • Governance

  • Director's Duties

  • Employment Law & Human Resources Law

  • Sustainability

  • Leadership Ethics

  • Organisational Leadership


About Our Management & Leadership Training

At MENA Executive Training, we understand the significance of effective management and leadership in today's dynamic business landscape.


Our comprehensive programs are designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in managerial roles.


Covering a diverse range of topics, including strategic planning, team management, decision-making, communication, and leadership development, our courses empower professionals to drive success and achieve their full potential.


Led by industry experts and facilitated through interactive sessions, our training programs ensure practical insights and real-world applications.

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