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Risk Assessment Methods

Risk Assessment Methods

Understanding how to effectively assess risk may be a challenge for many industries. The risk assessment methods: OCTAVE, EBIOS, and MEHARI, will provide you with the sufficient knowledge on how to successfully identify and assess risk in your organization.

Information Security Risk Manager (ISO/IEC 27005)

Information Security Risk Manager (ISO/IEC 27005)

ISO/IEC 27005 provides a risk management framework for organizations to manage information security risks. Specifically, it provides guidelines on identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating, and monitoring information security risks.

Information Security Incident Management (27035)

Information Security Incident Management (ISO/IEC 27035)

The ISO/IEC 27035 Information Security Incident Management is an international standard that provides best practices and guidelines for conducting a strategic incident management plan and preparing for an incident response.

Information Security Controls (ISO/IEC 27002)

Information Security Controls (ISO/IEC 27002)

ISO/IEC 27002 is an international standard that provides guidelines for selecting and implementing information security controls and for implementing information security standards and practices. It is applicable to organizations of all industries or sizes.

PECB Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer (PECB)

Learn how to develop and implement an information security strategy, as well as how to establish, maintain, and improve information security policies, processes, and controls.

ISO/IEC 27001 | Information Security Management Systems

Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001)

ISO/IEC 27001 provides requirements for organizations seeking to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an information security management system.

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