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Root Cause Analysis - Foundation

What is Root Cause Analysis?

Root Cause Analysis is a well-known method to find the primary causes of a problem by sourcing a wide range of tools and techniques.

By looking at the reasons of why a problem occurs, you can correct or eliminate the incidence of the underlying problem.

A Root Cause Analysis tends to uncover issues such as faulty design and materials, failure of machines, human error, incorrect work instructions or procedures, among many other structural issues.. Thus, its importance is paramount when attempting to evaluate the system and reduce or eliminate errors. 

Why should you take this course?

The Root Cause Analysis Foundation training enables you to learn the basic elements to conduct a Root Cause Analysis.

During this training course, you will be able to understand how to identify the root cause of a problem by applying different tools and techniques so as to ensure that a process is continuously improved.

After completing this course, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certificate Holder in Root Cause Analysis Foundation” certificate. A PECB Foundation Certificate shows that you have understood the fundamental concepts, methods, techniques and management approach.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals involved in Root Cause Analysis and committed to process improvement

  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge on how to conduct a Root Cause Analysis

  • Individuals interested in Root Cause Analysis

Learning objectives

  • Understand the elements and the operation of a Root Cause Analysis, and its principal processes

  • Understand the means of conducting a Root Cause Analysis

  • Understand the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used for the application of a Root Cause Analysis



Why are Root Cause Analysis Trainings important for you?

By becoming acquainted with Root Cause Analysis, you will become competent to apply the adequate tools and techniques to address a specific problem. Moreover, having such a platform in place will enable you to minimize or eliminate the occurrence and reoccurrence of likely incidents. 

Obtaining a Root Cause Analysis certification shows that you have the ability to pinpoint the causes of undesirable events and provide instant corrective actions, before they have an impact on other processes, systems or people. By having a root cause analysis infrastructure in place, you will be able to thoroughly analyze the situation, quickly identify the error causing factors, and set forth parameters to mitigate and repair them. 

This will help you to prove to your stakeholders that you embrace a culture of continuous improvement, and that you are willing to assist an organization in increasing its productivity and decreasing its downtime. 

Benefits of Root Cause Analysis Trainings

By becoming certified with Root Cause Analysis, you will be able to:

  • Identify potential risks

  • Solve problems more effectively

  • Prevent the reoccurrence of problems

  • Generate greater sales

  • Increase productivity

How do I get started with Root Cause Analysis Trainings?

Having an effective Root Cause Analysis (method) in place shows your commitment towards improving business processes, thus our experts are here to help you become part of a global professional network and gain worldwide recognition. 

Course Study Options

Self Study

In Person

Live Online

In Person Training Locations

  • Doha, Qatar

  • Lusail, Qatar

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • NEOM, Saudi Arabia

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Manama, Bahrain

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait

  • Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Casablanca, Morocco

  • Muscat, Oman

 To find out more about this course, to chat with us about it or to book please click here to contact us and we'll get back to you right away. 

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