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Defence Legal Services Training


About Our Defence Legal Services Training

We provide training courses to develop in-house legal services departments for Gulf defence services.  We deliver legal training in English or Arabic language with expert instructors.


Our experienced experts design and deliver Judge Advocate Training courses and Legal Services Officer training courses to professionalise defence services legal directorates.  


Customised for Gulf and MENA stakeholders, our courses offer best-in-class training to prepare graduates and legal professionals with required legal competencies.

We offer Accredited Training courses with professional certifications from leading international universities, as well as innovative and interactive in-house training sessions customised to training needs. 


We customise courses to meet the needs of our corporate partners in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the MENA region.

Types of Legal Courses 

Example Courses: 


  • Legal Services Officer Training

  • Military law 

  • Judge Advocate Training Courses

  • Operational Law

  • International Humanitarian Law

  • Law of Armed Conflict

  • Judge Advocate Course

  • Aviation Law

  • Naval Operations

  • information Warfare & Cyber Warfare

  • Admiralty Law

  • Law of the Sea

  • Military Justice

  • Legal Ethics

  • Legal Skills and Competences training

  • Legal Services Officer and Legal Clerk Training

  • Cybersecurity

Specialist Legal Services Training

for Defence Professionals

Bespoke Course Design & Delivery:

  • Expert instruction and support

  • Confidential services 

  • Specialist Legal Translation

  • English & Arabic trainers 

  • Operating in Qatar and Middle Eastern countries

  • Country-specific legal training

  • Highly experienced and professional support 

  • Support from defence studies departments of leading UK and US universities

  • Bilingual trainers and legal translation

  • Policy and course design

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